Adopt Colorado Kids recruits foster and adoptive families, and supports youth who are aging out of the foster care system by inspiring and creating opportunities for the community to care for Colorado's kids. 

i belong project

I Belong Project ™: Adopt Colorado Kids partners with America's Kids Belong on the
I Belong Project™.
We video children who are waiting to be adopted to give them a face and a voice to connect them with loving families. ACK is contracted through Larimer County and partners with The Matthews House to recruit and support potential foster and adoptive families. Larimer County’s greatest need is families who are willing to receive teens, kids with special needs, and sibling sets as foster and adoptive placements. We provide monthly orientations to educate families and individuals about Larimer County’s training and certification process. 

Dream Makers: Dream Makers fulfills dreams for teens who are aging out of the foster care system. Our goal is to inspire and empower these teens by giving them a chance to dream about their future. Among these dreams may be an internship that connects them with an opportunity for a future career, a practical gift to launch them towards their next step to independence, an opportunity to learn a new skill, or an experience they've always desired. Dream Makers connects businesses, groups, and individuals to care for these kids needs and their dreams. 

Adoption is a real issue that requires leadership, ingenuity and spiritual wisdom to solve. ACK has and continues to make a difference.
— Mark Deuschle , Board Member

 Below are specific children in Larimer County who are waiting to be adopted into a loving family.

Amber, 13 years old

We are looking for a trauma informed and energetic two parent family for this loving and affectionate girl who loves telling a good story. She also enjoys gardening, dogs, swimming, zombie monopoly, and Harry Potter.

Contact for more information.

Breanna, 4 years old *No Longer Available*

We need an adoptive home for this extremely loving young girl who is full of smiles, loves running, playing soccer, and outings to the park and library. An ideal family for Breanna is one that is unconditionally loving, trauma-informed and full of energy to patiently support her as she assimilates into their family.

Contact for more information.


Tony, 13 years old *No Longer Available*

We are looking for an experienced, trauma-informed adoptive family, in Fort Collins, for this handsome, kind, athletic, and resilient young man who has a ton of potential for a really bright future. Tony loves sports - especially baseball and football - and wants to learn how to play the saxophone. Tony is a self-aware kid who needs a family to provide a therapeutic and healing environment through unconditional love and patience.                                                                                                      

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Colton, 14 years old

We are looking for a small, structured and nurturing family for this active teen who loves Legos, swimming, scooters, and bikes. Church is also important to Colton; He also is interested in choir and theater.  Does well with younger kids. 

Contact for more information.

Jesse, 15 years old

Looking for an adoptive home for this witty, stylish, handsome, super likable and active young man. Jesse enjoys skating, parkour, rebuilding bikes, and the martial arts. He needs a mellow and flexible family who can provide him with the attention, structure and creativity he needs to help him with his daily responsibilities. Jesse qualifies for indefinite ongoing support services.

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Stephanie, 10 years old *No Longer Available*

Stephanie likes to make you laugh and is really affectionate and loving. She loves puzzles and enjoys school. We are looking for a family with some medical or nursing experience. She would do great in a family with other kids. Stephanie qualifies for ongoing support services.

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